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Loopy's Poker Timer Help
Version 1.03 adds a new Remote Control function. You can now control the App wirelessly from an iPhone or iPod touch. Download the free Loopy's Poker Timer Remote App to your iPhone.
You can connect a device running Loopy's Poker Timer Remote to an iPad running Loopy's Poker Timer by Wifi or Bluetooth.
For Wifi, make sure both devices are connected to the network before running the apps.
For Bluetooth, make sure both devices have Bluetooth turned on before running the apps.
To make a connection, press the Remote Off button on Loopy's Poker Timer to turn on the remote feature. The button text will change to Waiting.... Then run Loopy's Poker Timer Remote on the other device and press the Connect button. That's it! Once the connection is made, the text of the remote button on Loopy's Poker Timer will change to the name of the connected device.
Both apps will auto-reconnect if the connection is temporarily lost, or if either app goes to the background and then returns to the foreground.