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Version 1.0 released on 08/03/2010
- Initial release
Version 1.01 released on 09/22/2010
- Fixed autosizing issue that prevented edit icons from displaying under certain circumstances in landscape mode
Version 1.02 released on 03/23/2011
- fixed crash when application returns from background mode and device is low on memory
- fixed issue where edit icons for Tournaments and Blinds do not display correctly
- you can now press anywhere on the clock to stop/start the timer
Version 1.03 released on 11/03/2011
- added option for female voice announcements
- support for wireless control of clock though free companion app, Loopy's Poker Timer Remote
Loopy's Poker Timer
Shuffle up and deal in style with Loopy's Poker Timer.
This app allows you to display a countdown timer for blind levels of a poker tournament. There are 3 different view orientations, including a very big one that takes up most the iPad's large screen, and can easily be seen from across the room.
You can setup and save any number of tournaments with their own custom blind level structure. In-app settings allow further customization options.
You may not know or care who Loopy is, but you'll love his poker timer!
- 3 different views: Portrait, Landscape, and Big
- Easy tournament setup with custom numeric entry for blind amounts
- "Call Clock" feature pops up a second one-minute timer for a player to make a decision
- You can easily jump to any blind level on any tournament in the clock view
- You can override the remaining time of a blind level at any time
- Blind Doubling feature continues tournament after final blind level
- Option to flash clock during final minute of blind level
- Option to keep timer "running" when app is closed (note: addition of background blind change notifications will be added when iOS4 is available for iPad)