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Version 1.0 released on 11/12/2010
- Initial release
Version 1.02 released on 12/02/2010
- Added iOS 4.2 support for background notifications
Hocus Focus
What can you get done in 25 minutes? A lot if you are focused.

Magically get stuff done with Hocus Focus, a simple to use focus management tool based on the Pomodoro Technique.

There is growing scientific evidence around the idea that your brain works best in 25 minutes chunks, followed by a 5 minute "brain break" to give your brain time to catch up. Hocus Focus helps you get into the 25 minute groove, and reminds when to take your breaks.

But Hocus Focus is more than just a countdown timer. Hocus Focus allows you to plan your 25 minute blocks with tasks, and assign completed blocks to projects. All completed time blocks are automatically saved and available to be viewed or edited later. The history includes each block's complete and incomplete tasks to help gauge your effectiveness. You can view a summary of time blocks as a list or bar chart and email the summary to others.

You don't need time management. You need focus management... with Hocus Focus.

- Portrait and Landscape views
- Customizable Block, short break, and long break durations
- Clock can be paused/restarted or reset while running
- Allows overriding of remaining time with slider
- Maintains customized Projects list
- Maintains master task list for easy task reuse
- Can assign Blocks to Projects
- Can assign Tasks to Blocks
- Can create Notes for a Block
- Multiple views of Active Block: Task List, Single Task, or Notes
- Swipe left/right through Single task view
- Maintains a history of all completed Blocks
- Quick Display of History for: Today, This Week, This Month, Yesterday, Last Week, All
- Refine history search by selected Projects and/or date range
- Display history summary as table or bar chart
- Can email history summary
- Option to prevent device from entering sleep mode when trimer is running
- Option to keep timer "running" when app is closed (note: addition of background timer end notifications will be added when iOS4 is available for iPad)