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Version 1.0 released on 02/07/11
- Initial release
Version 1.02 released on 03/30/2011
- Fixed issue with list not updating properly when new entries are found
Skeptic's Dictionary
James “the Amazing” Randi calls The Skeptic’s Dictionary “first aid for psychic attacks.” Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch says that the SD “can protect many people from being scammed.” When that pesky, but lovable, friend or family member becomes infatuated with the paranormal, the supernatural, the occult, or some strange-sounding alternative to science-based medicine, your SD app can provide the antidote in an instant. With more than 650 terms to choose from, the SD app takes you on a journey from abracadabra to zombies. The SD is your one-stop source for information on weird beliefs and the critical thinking skills needed to understand and combat them.
The SD covers alternative medicine, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and UFOs, frauds and hoaxes, junk science, logic and perception, New Age energy and all things psychic and paranormal.
- All of Skeptic's Dictionary's comprehensive articles right at your fingertips
- History Tab keeps track of previously viewed articles
- Articles are formatted for mobile device viewing, without ads
- Fully functional in both Portrait and Landscape orientations
Note: Internet access is required to view articles.
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