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Download version 1.51
PSVR Hand History
Go back and see all the hands you rivered FligMupple with your stupid flush draw.

- works with PSVR on Steam or Oculus
- auto-load new hands in real time
Version 1.51 released on 07/01/2021
- PvP tab now has option to show Sit and Go and/or Spin and Go hands
Version 1.5 released on 06/27/2021
- added player notes (players with notes show name in orange)
- click on player name to view/edit notes
Version 1.4 released on 06/26/2021
- Overall Stats added to Player & Stats tab
- bug fixes
Version 1.3 released on 06/19/2021
- shows win/loss history against another player
Version 1.2 released on 05/26/2021
- automatically checks for new versions on start
Version 1.1 released on 05/26/2021
- fixed empty actions for Flop, Turn, River
- app will automatically search for log file in default path for Steam and Oculus on first launch
Version 1.0 released on 05/23/2021
- Initial release